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  • Famous Relatives

    Some of my relatives are world-famous, including:

    • Edward L Thorndike, my maternal great grandfather. He was a famous psychologist, and author of the Thorndike dictionary.
    • Robert L Thorndike, my maternal great uncle. He was a famous psychologist.
    • Frances Cope, my maternal grandmother. She was a famous mathematician.
    • William Clark, who led the Lewis and Clark expedition, which explored what is now the western United States. He is one of my father's ancestors. My father and I are both named after him.

    Going further back, both sides of my family have a lot of royalty, including on my mother's side the Sweetsers and Eleanor of Aquaitaine and the Plantagenets. Through the royalty I am distantly related to the famous scientist Isaac Newton.

    Click here to see my full family tree. You will need to create free account to view the family tree. is my email address.

    People I have helped or their offspring, or anybody else who has questions or comments should feel free to contact me.